Truth be told, some people visit here just to get a selfie with a pink elephant, a spotted cow and a gray mouse. Fiberglass aficionados and fans of kitsch, here’s your chance!

Pinkie the Pink Elephant pink_elephant_jump

Located at 4995 County Hwy V in DeForest outside a Shell gas station, this pink behemoth is full-size and wears giant eyeglasses. When taking a photo, put a person in the shot to establish perspective. Pinkie has been in the same spot since the 1960s. A real hipster.
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Sissy the Cow at Ehlenbach’s Cheese Chalet cow_1

Located at 4879 County Road V in De Forest, this black and white spotted cow is oh-so-Wisconsin. Bit of trivia: Sissy used to talk but this bovine has been silent for quite a while now.






Igor the Mouse at Mousehouse Cheesehaus mouse_1

Located at 4494 Lake Circle in Windsor, the mouse atop the cheesehaus is 11-feet tall and, like all good Wisconsinites, loves a nibble of cheese. Did you know: The Mousehouse Cheesehaus has special coolers to age cheese for up to 11 years.





Dragon-Spotting in DeForest dragon_small

The Dragon Art Fair was inspired by the area’s Norwegian heritage and named in honor of the Norwegian dragons perched atop the DeForest Area Public Library. Legend has it that, in medieval Norway, these stylized dragons were placed on the peaks of buildings to ward off evil spirits and guard the treasure within. Look up to see these dragons, then take a walk down Market Street to see Samantha the Dragon, an eye-level sculpture crafted by local artists.

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