Fitness travel before it was trendy.

The Native Americans saw this as a gathering spot to reenergize. Today, this land now known as the seamless communities of DeForest and Windsor remains a place of good energy. It’s also a place to train your mind, body and soul to relish vacation days. Where you can get reacquainted with the wonderful feeling of running away and recharging.

Use up those vacation days exactly how you like here. There are land and water conservancies lovingly cared for by the locals, long stretches of open road where you can train hard and breathe easy, an exquisite trail system to put miles between you and your 9-to-5, foodie finds off the beaten path, eco-friendly lodging, and shopping options for outdoorsy types. Plus day trips within an hour radius to feed your taste for the big city if you’re so inclined, knowing you have a place to decompress at the end of the day.

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